Why start Balanced, a digital fitness platform for older adults.

It started during the pandemic.

Not all digital wellness was created equal.

From inspiration to market opportunity.

  • Will older adults workout virtually?
  • Will they love it?
  • Can we drive engagement?
  • And can we prove empirical health outcomes?

Aligning joyous exercise to scale with distribution.

Balanced will meet our aging population where they are by providing joyous, effective, and equitable exercise at scale via insurance without needing older adults to pay out of pocket in order to maintain their own health.

At Balanced, we hold these truths to be self-evident.

Fitness for older adults isn’t about age — its personalized.

Joy and evidence-based are not mutually exclusive.

A joyous fitness experience comes from inspiration and community, not silvery or clinical undertones.

Looking towards the next generation of fitness.



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